Sunday, January 31, 2010


we read this, this morning in church and it totally struck a chord with me. specifically calling my out on my unbelief. i often don't believe God will fufill His promises, i don't believe i am forgiven for all the things i do, and really sometimes i don't think i need forgiveness...i consider myself a hypothetical sinner, who therefore needs a hypothetical savior. far far far from the truth. i am a sinner who doesn't even understand the depth of my sin. I pray it will warm your heart to Him as it has to me.
O my Savior, help me. Continue to save me.
In myself I am slow to learn, prone to forget
and weak to climb. Help my unbelief.
I am in the foothills when I could be on the slopes.
I am pained by how I can neglect grace and prayer.
I am pained by my poverty of love,
my sloth in the heavenly race,
my wasted hours and
my unspent opportunities.
I have begun to see by your grace,
but I am still blind to so much of your light.
Take the scales from my eyes. Help my unbelief.
Make it my highest joy to study you,
meditate on you,
gaze on you,
sit, like Mary, at your feet,
lean, like John, on your breast,
appeal, like Peter, to your love,
count, like Paul, all things as refuse that I may know you.
I believe. Help my unbelief.
For Your name's sake. Amen.
a prayer from the valley of vision

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