Sunday, February 28, 2010

tory burch at home

after my post on tory burch's fashion week , my sweet sister in law beth sent me this from Habitually Chic, it is tory burch's home. which is just as fabulous as her clothes and accessories. go look at it! do it do it do it

this is a place setting she did for House Beautiful
makes me want to have people over and celebrate spring.


did you enjoy the Olympics? we could not get enough here! how great was eric lysacek? and his vera wang costumes? lindsey vonn and the injured shin, falling, broken finger? bodi miller? shani davis? apollo ohno? 7 medals? i mean the list goes on, but gah, the olympics were amazing! i have to admit its also why there has been a lagging in the posting here. most of my time has been spent watching or catching up on what was going on in Vancouver.

i have to make a huge thank you to my wonderful father in law. he went to Vancouver and saw some of these incredible athletes and enjoyed the splendor that is the Olympics..and he thought of me!

he brought me back this wonderful pin

and he scoured the stores to find this shirt, how awesome is it?
i am going to miss all of the excitement the Olympics brought, but here is to summer 2010 in London!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


do you like it?
i think it's quite lovely

Sunday, February 21, 2010

milk glass

i really like milk glass... here is a flickr round up of some pretty images of all sorts of milk glass



this one is totally my fav

angela martin

in a haze of not really being able to sleep recently and with no cable at our apt i have been spending many nights watching office reruns on netflix. i have seen way too many episodes and reference them far too often. recently, i was noticing angela's outfits and although she describes herself as "shopping in children's departments" and "ordering large American girl doll clothes," i kinda like them...

did you know that she went to baylor? she was also a chi-o there. yes yes it may be lame to mention, but its pretty exciting. baylor doesn't have too many stories like that.

i wouldn't be opposed to roast my boss either...
if only i worked in some sort of job where scrubs or sweats were not the the attire. don't hear me complaining here, there are so many perks, but it wouldn't be too bad to get to dress up in regular clothes. only, as long as i am sitting and crawling on floors there is no chance of real clothes.

did you know she was pregnant while filming? i came across this picture and was shocked

she may have a heart of stone as her character but i can at least enjoy most of her outfits.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tory burch at fashion week 2010

although i am anxiously awaiting for spring to get here, with all of the pictures from fashion week i couldn't help but check out many of the fashion lines for fall of 2010. there were many many beautiful clothes all over the place. can you imagine being there and seeing all these things in person??? no way! however if i had the choice to be in new york during fashion week or be in Vancouver for the Olympics i would definitely choose Olympics. i digress, tory burch's line was full of so many incredible things. all with a touch of very blue and neon orange. i for sure prefer it over many of the models in black are a few of them...

definitely love the red

i am totally into those headbands, and those blue tights in the background

how about those boots?!

this is often how most pants fit me, not models

so i think its safe to say that sequins, feathers, hoodies, headbands, studs, layering, belts and boots are all great investments/perfect choices for this fall. {so maybe go buy some when they go on sale before the spring :)}

Sunday, February 14, 2010

re-newed love

when i was in middle school, kate spade was the it thing to carry. it was the most exciting thing to get for your birthday or christmas. they were so much loved that it was easy to find {me included} some kade spates around. but after some time i totally checked out of kate spade. it had become a little boring. {sorry to anyone who has been a forever fan}

well kate is anything but boring now!! look at all these beautiful images of their advertising and their new spring line

love the balloons

love the books

love the hats

if i had to get a purse from her spring collection, this could be the one

or this one....

these shirts are just so fun

i could totally go for these shorts with those shoes

this outfit is so yummmmmm, i love me some pink tights

Friday, February 12, 2010


hope everyone has a wonderful, warm, happy, loving valentine's day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

love it

look at these pretty graphics... i want to print them out and frame them

and just for valentine's


bryn over at bryn alexandra has mentioned these vintage prints before on her blog, but most recently she used them to decorate a guest bedroom. she did a lovely job if you want to read about it more here
so i just had to go and check them out and these are some of the pretty red beauties i found

Friday, February 5, 2010


i love the way neutrals look. i love textures and earthy tones coming together. blue, gray and white hues are all so pretty and calming. i truly can't get enough of it. in reality however, my eyes and lifestyle do not really accommodate to such combinations. my eyes are always drawn to reds, yellows, even orange. besides, i can't keep things like that looking clean, not with a black haired shedder of a pup, and not with my uncanny ability to spill things.

so when i stumbled across these images at Great Full Day i had to see more...and that is when i went to Canadian House and Home to see more like minded, for my need of color decor....

this is greatness. i love all of the patterns. i love the orange. the lamps. the chandelier {only how do all these people who have pretty light fixtures sleep at night with no fan? i guess this is canada, but please in texas, i need a fan!}. and the white sheets. i love that all of it compliments white as the color that brings it all together.

i think more often than not when i think about painting something my got to color is black. it just always looks so good, and its easy. this blue with it is no exception. not too mention that graphic screen there. maybe i could use that as inspiration to make one of these.

i think this is the other side of that bedroom above... again with some pretty.

what a pretty green corner! pretty and family friendly

this would be one of those cool modern neutral with a pop of color. i approve. its also bamboo, just for beth.

this maybe supposed to be a child's desk, however i'll take it. that map.

now in my heart i really would like to try to paint something this bold. i get nervous that i would get tired of it, but i mean what's paint? not biggie right? i also like seeing such a dark and leather couch be in contrast with much frilly pillows. inspires me do it too

this is prob my favorite of them all. from the blue screen, to the black and white pillows/duvet, to the red rug, those lamps, the yellow pillows, the yellow flowers, the yellow throw, and that precious black and white jacket hanging {which in my humble opinion makes the room} all of it is so awesome!