Friday, February 5, 2010


i love the way neutrals look. i love textures and earthy tones coming together. blue, gray and white hues are all so pretty and calming. i truly can't get enough of it. in reality however, my eyes and lifestyle do not really accommodate to such combinations. my eyes are always drawn to reds, yellows, even orange. besides, i can't keep things like that looking clean, not with a black haired shedder of a pup, and not with my uncanny ability to spill things.

so when i stumbled across these images at Great Full Day i had to see more...and that is when i went to Canadian House and Home to see more like minded, for my need of color decor....

this is greatness. i love all of the patterns. i love the orange. the lamps. the chandelier {only how do all these people who have pretty light fixtures sleep at night with no fan? i guess this is canada, but please in texas, i need a fan!}. and the white sheets. i love that all of it compliments white as the color that brings it all together.

i think more often than not when i think about painting something my got to color is black. it just always looks so good, and its easy. this blue with it is no exception. not too mention that graphic screen there. maybe i could use that as inspiration to make one of these.

i think this is the other side of that bedroom above... again with some pretty.

what a pretty green corner! pretty and family friendly

this would be one of those cool modern neutral with a pop of color. i approve. its also bamboo, just for beth.

this maybe supposed to be a child's desk, however i'll take it. that map.

now in my heart i really would like to try to paint something this bold. i get nervous that i would get tired of it, but i mean what's paint? not biggie right? i also like seeing such a dark and leather couch be in contrast with much frilly pillows. inspires me do it too

this is prob my favorite of them all. from the blue screen, to the black and white pillows/duvet, to the red rug, those lamps, the yellow pillows, the yellow flowers, the yellow throw, and that precious black and white jacket hanging {which in my humble opinion makes the room} all of it is so awesome!

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