Sunday, February 28, 2010


did you enjoy the Olympics? we could not get enough here! how great was eric lysacek? and his vera wang costumes? lindsey vonn and the injured shin, falling, broken finger? bodi miller? shani davis? apollo ohno? 7 medals? i mean the list goes on, but gah, the olympics were amazing! i have to admit its also why there has been a lagging in the posting here. most of my time has been spent watching or catching up on what was going on in Vancouver.

i have to make a huge thank you to my wonderful father in law. he went to Vancouver and saw some of these incredible athletes and enjoyed the splendor that is the Olympics..and he thought of me!

he brought me back this wonderful pin

and he scoured the stores to find this shirt, how awesome is it?
i am going to miss all of the excitement the Olympics brought, but here is to summer 2010 in London!

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