Wednesday, January 18, 2012

candle find

Look what I found at HomeGoods :) they are selling the Caldrea line! I have been eyeing them for what feels like forever at target, but couldn't bring my self to buy any. Clearly it is already burned, and it smells amazing!

Mansfield is growing on me, my most favorite thing is having HomeGoods about 5 minutes away

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hazel's first birthday

I could not believe it was already here when the 14th came.  The day before I kept saying things like "this time last year I was at work trying to breathe through contractions...."
Our baby is 1!  I am so thankful for my creative sister's awesome idea :)  Hazel loves little lambs and my sister Camille came up with the "theme."  She even painted an adorable little lamb that will go in her room! (need to find a picture of it) My friend Lizzie was able to be in town and helped me put things together.  Which all was perfect because Clay came down with shingles a couple of days before and was out for the count. (Please pray for him, it has been quite a few painful days)  It was so fun to have our family and friends there, we all had a blast!  

She loved getting hearing the "happy birthday," we sang it several times that day. 
Still do here and there. ;)

Happy birthday to our dear little girl! Who as I write this is desperate to go outside, her absolute fav right now....So I must run :)