Sunday, August 23, 2009


so school starts tomorrow. not for me, but for a lot of the kiddos i see. school brings about a few changes in my work....consistency {thank God} and a little bit later hours... it makes for kinda a funky schedule since i have the mornings to fit in as many daycare kids i can get, then a break and then after school to fit in as many school age kids as i can. {i work in home health and its a confusing world, no need to explain much farther just take my word for it}

the start of a new school year, brings up feelings of when i was in school. {besides who am i kidding, i still go by semesters ... clay is in school so that's my excuse} most specifically a fresh start. so to embrace this "fresh start" i want to strive for a few goals to accomplish during this next school year.

~i want to use my planner that my sweet husband bought for me. my short term memory consistently fails me. things just fall out of my head. like the 3 soccer games i have missed just b/c ...they are every friday but yet i can't seem to get it in my head.

~learn to cook. i don't know why i just never really learned how to cook. my mom does and she is really good....but the kitchen to me is unfamiliar territory. for some reason i just thought i would get married and cooking would just poof!! somehow start coming together for me. so i am determined {truly this is not julie/julia moment, i seek no glory in my attempts} but just to go through a cook book, any cook book. preferably an easy one.

~work out consistently. now i know that this is always on people's to do/ new years resolution blah blah blah, but here is my deal....i really used to run consistently. like 3-4 times a week i was running 3 miles. and then i got married...and for whatever reason it so hard to get motivated.

~be more productive with my time. my job is all over the place literally, therefore i am all over the place all the time. so really this could be called better time management. i guess you could say i'm still adjusting to life post college which in truth is pretty pathetic when i am 2 years out. but the working world.....ugh it is so hard to balance husband, friends, life, grocery shopping, bible studies, working out, laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc etc just stresses me out truly. which when i get stressed out i freeze. i just don't do anything. completely counter productive i realize that but i can be a perfectionist. and when i can't do things well then i just don't do anything.

~finish some design projects that have taken me over a year to finish. they are simple yet daunting. i have 5 chairs that i need to spray paint. i have done 2 and ran out of spray paint. i need to by more to finish the others and i just haven't done it.

~lastly i want to live in the now. clay is in school. ultimately we will move somewhere. and for me that is justification to just always be on the edge of the things i do. i don't make efforts in some relationships b/c sinfully i feel like its only temporary. which in some sense it but so is everything.... the bigger picture that i keep overlooking is that the Lord is very purposeful in His timing. we are here in fort worth for a very specific reason. so the people that i am surrounded by, the things i do are all part of His greater plan to sanctify me.

so yes, here is to school and this hopeful fresh start in my life =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

i want to see this

{i wish i knew how to just put this youtube video on my blog....if you should read this and know how i would love a tutorial...thanks!}

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yes her

so ever ever ever since Zooey Deschanel was on the cover of domino.....i have become her biggest fan. first of all not only was her home awesome {i loved that color blue on her walls} but i loved her outfits. i had noticed her a few times before but now had a new appreciation for her!

i love those tights!

and her place looks so eclectic, i love eclectic.

shoes? yes please!

now she has had some key roles in some movies that are climbing my charts such as elf

she was in failure to launch, but i have to say i was not a fan of this movie....its almost the same thing as how to lose a guy in 10 days but not nearly as cute. anyway, that is my two cents...

but she recovered with this role in yes man. this is my favorite scene when they go to the harry potter themed party. now that may have to do more with jim carey and his other co-star but whatever it great and i like her in it.... if you haven't seen it please watch it!

for my birthday clay took me to see 500 days of summer. she plays this weird, funky, super independent person, and he is in love with her. yes yes a romantic comedy, i've never thought of myself as a huge fan of them. but when you live with a boy, and the picking is far in few between when you watch them you have a different appreciation for them. beside this one's presentation is a bit more creative than others. any who, i loved it!!!! and i love her!!! have i said that yet!?!?!?! she is super cute, i love her hair and i wouldn't mind taking her clothes.

so here is my last shout out for zooey....i recently came across this.....she is in a band, and low and behold i like the music.....the video is weird but i approve.....


inspired my young house love's post about saving money, i felt like sharing with you some of our thoughts on money.....

right before clay and i got married, he stumbled across this man on the radio. he gave clay
and i a vision that had never occurred to either one of us. be out of debt. now this thought was coming a little late to clay's blushing bride who was standing there with large student loans and a car loan.....but better late than never right?? so what does a girl do but call into that radio show. yup that's right i spoke to this man below.....

on air.
it was pretty great and as a wedding present he sent us his latest book as well as a whole series of cds that broke it down for us to get out of debt, to stay out of debt and to build wealth.
now for the record initially this was not easy for me. i believed in debt, its how i had gotten to where i was in life, or so i thought. we prayed about it for sometime, especially about our intensity in pursuing this. i was not sold on the "gazelle" intensity that dave ramsey speaks of. so we put our own spin on the situation not really changing too much of it, but also no freaking out either. as much as i want to be out of debt, i also want to enjoy things in life and not become consumed.
so that's where we are. we create a budget every two weeks {about the time we are both paid} try to plan for food, gas, entertainment and other expenses. so far in less than a year we have paid off about 1/3 of what we owed. that's with two job losses and hitting about every bump in the road as possible.
so i know that this is not for everyone. i understand that its a little against the grain for some. but i promise every time we finish paying a loan off, there is no greater relief to feel that freedom that we are no longer slaves to that lender.

Monday, August 10, 2009

meet sophie

this is sophie. she is our puppy/child. she loves our bed and pillows especially when it has been recently made. she loves to play hide and seek, fetch, destroying her toys, excitingly welcoming people to our home, swimming, sitting next to a fan and watching herself in the mirror.

we got her at the pound for clay's birthday last year. we fell in love with her the moment we saw her, only she was lab/Australian shepherd mix. which was not quite the large breed that my dog loving husband wanted. so i may or may not have convinced him that she was part newfoundland. now to be honest as a puppy she sorta looked like one.

i didn't have to try to hard those eyes pretty much melted his heart. we love having her.

things that she does not like....
baths, skateboards, the vacuum, the dust buster, and the laundry bag.

things she especially loves....cold floors

Thursday, August 6, 2009

happy birthday to me

today is my birthday!

i am really excited to go to a wonderful party my friend has planned for me

i am now 24, "which is almost 25 which is almost to my mid-twenties" {thank you jessica simpson} but for reals i am pumped. the only thing hindering me now is that i am still recovering from my wisdom teeth ordeal/exhausted. so lets hope we don't have a repeat of this birthday.....

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

wisdom teeth

for the last couple of years i have needed to get my wisdom teeth out. its been a slow progression from being recommended to this has to be done and asap. so what do you do when you are in and out of sleep for 4 days movies....some good and some bad

watched all of season 1 and 2 of the office

saw this movie with the husband...ummm not good...incase you were interested, dont' do it

i'll give you three guesses of who picked this movie out...but it was the least he could have the option of doing while he was tending to all of my needs

besides i totally got spoiled this weekend...clay gave into every girly movie i requested. it was great!

an attempt to meet in the middle...the international....also bad

clay tried as long as he could to sit through this one.....but he gave up. i thought it was super cute! plus i loved the outfits they wore throughout most of the movie

hadn't watched this one in about 10 years or so but i had to bring it back out....the feather pens, the plaid skirts, the incredible closet, the back packs....yes it was the 90s and i ate it up

well, that's my weekend in a nutshell.....i hope that my posts are far more interesting after this.....