Monday, August 10, 2009

meet sophie

this is sophie. she is our puppy/child. she loves our bed and pillows especially when it has been recently made. she loves to play hide and seek, fetch, destroying her toys, excitingly welcoming people to our home, swimming, sitting next to a fan and watching herself in the mirror.

we got her at the pound for clay's birthday last year. we fell in love with her the moment we saw her, only she was lab/Australian shepherd mix. which was not quite the large breed that my dog loving husband wanted. so i may or may not have convinced him that she was part newfoundland. now to be honest as a puppy she sorta looked like one.

i didn't have to try to hard those eyes pretty much melted his heart. we love having her.

things that she does not like....
baths, skateboards, the vacuum, the dust buster, and the laundry bag.

things she especially loves....cold floors

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