Tuesday, August 11, 2009


inspired my young house love's post about saving money, i felt like sharing with you some of our thoughts on money.....

right before clay and i got married, he stumbled across this man on the radio. he gave clay
and i a vision that had never occurred to either one of us. be out of debt. now this thought was coming a little late to clay's blushing bride who was standing there with large student loans and a car loan.....but better late than never right?? so what does a girl do but call into that radio show. yup that's right i spoke to this man below.....

on air.
it was pretty great and as a wedding present he sent us his latest book as well as a whole series of cds that broke it down for us to get out of debt, to stay out of debt and to build wealth.
now for the record initially this was not easy for me. i believed in debt, its how i had gotten to where i was in life, or so i thought. we prayed about it for sometime, especially about our intensity in pursuing this. i was not sold on the "gazelle" intensity that dave ramsey speaks of. so we put our own spin on the situation not really changing too much of it, but also no freaking out either. as much as i want to be out of debt, i also want to enjoy things in life and not become consumed.
so that's where we are. we create a budget every two weeks {about the time we are both paid} try to plan for food, gas, entertainment and other expenses. so far in less than a year we have paid off about 1/3 of what we owed. that's with two job losses and hitting about every bump in the road as possible.
so i know that this is not for everyone. i understand that its a little against the grain for some. but i promise every time we finish paying a loan off, there is no greater relief to feel that freedom that we are no longer slaves to that lender.

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