Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest Bucket List

Ha! Not sure when this blog will ever be consistent...probably never...but when I do have a free moment I guess I will try to be here some :)

 In attempts to be productive with the crazy amount of time I spend Pinterest, my sister Isabella inspired me to create a Pinterest bucket list of things I'll attempt to do before the end of summer.  There are always so many recipes and fun DIY things I pin but it takes a forever for me to actually do them.  So here are a few I was thinking about....
(also I must note that I considered creating a board called FAILED. You know those strawberries that turn into candy after being in the oven only turned to charcoal, and that quote over a painting did not work....so this bucket list may only add to that Failed board....)

Real fruit roll ups 

A Scavenger Hunt with my little one

since I wear bobbie pins almost everyday, it could use a little more glamour

hand painted hand towels

Healthy Breakfast bars

 learning curling my hair

It is not a whole lot of things, but it is a start. Just trying to get my feet wet in the little down time there is :)