Saturday, July 23, 2011

3 years

In three days, we will celebrate that we did this 3 years ago.....

My how things have changed in 3 years. I thought I loved him then....I feel so crazy blessed to have such a husband in him and a father for her. By God's grace, I get fall more in love with him each day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

new normal

We have been back in Fort Worth for over a week now, loving every minute of it. Seeing friends, eating at home (and our fav restaurants) date night(s), spending time with family with out the stress of hospitals or illness. It has been so refreshing. We are also trying to soak it all up, b/c come August 17 we will no longer be residents here. Now, I must speak loosely to that b/c we won't be far at all, only about 20 min away. Nonetheless, its a different city. If you know me at all you know how obsessed I am with Fort Worth. I love our little neighborhood, our crazy neighbors, being so close to so many fun things, it is going to be sad/exciting.

Our precious little home, despite its coziness, has many a flaw and very little space, no dishwasher, so many holes there is not chance of staying cool in the summer or warm in the winter. BUT it is where we brought our baby home, it is where I spent many evenings on the wood floors to help my back when I was pregnant, where loved ones redecorated for us when we first came back from Houston. When life was at its craziest, this was home. I am sentimental and don't like change. The first step is admitting it right?

We will be moving to a home built in the last 15 years (not 60) that has been completely updated with many a new cosmetic features. It has 3 bedrooms, a garage, closets (we have barely 1) 2 bathrooms and offers so many exciting things. There is much to look forward to, not to mention learning a new city. (I know again its only 20 minutes away, but shockingly I don't know where much is around them parts of Mansfield) Clay will finally get to practice his calling in ministry and help plant a church and study to finish his masters in divinity. (Considering that I married a man called into the ministry and could be called anywhere, Mansfield, is not too shabby, I realize this but I don't like change remember?)

So life is leveling out for us. A lot of changes in one year, but we are adapting and loving it. Despite all of my sentimentalness (if that's a word), the Lord has given me new perspective in life that I pray will remain forever. All of this, and Jesus? I'll take it!

This photo has nothing to do with anything except that Hazel is the most darling ballerina you will set your eyes on!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I thought that by leaving super early this morning for a walk I would avoid that awful sun that makes its 100+ degrees in FW. (Which for the record, I must apologize to my Houston friends for always complaining about the humidity in Houston. While there is much humidity, there is also cloud cover, as well as a breeze...not the case for funky town. Here its just still- but I digress) So it wasn't super hot, but I ended up still with a problem with the sun. I was so excited to be home, in our sweet neighborhood I just went. Walked for awhile before I thought that maybe I should turn around b/c Hazel's morning nap was coming soon. As I turned around the sun was directly in my baby's eyes. Now I know most babies are shy about the sun, but I think Hazel is a little more sensitive about it. So instead of torturing her I turned around so the sun would be at my back. Only I didn't have any other options for routes home without the sun being in her eyes. So my only option was to walk backwards and that's what we did. For a mile. Pulling a stroller. Luckily we made it home with only a few weird glances....

my tired and now hot baby

and this one just cause I thought it was precious.

BTW we do have clothes for our child, this is just her its too hot for cotton look :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

aaaannnnnnnddd we are BACK!

I cant promise we will be consistent, but I will try. Praise God from whom all blessing flow! We are back in FW, we are home, we are healthy, and we are so grateful! Thank you for those who prayed, loved, encouraged, provided, hurt, helped, and all together walked through this journey alongside us. God used you all to make sure along with Him, we were never alone.

This is my now 6 month baby! (only she was 5 months in these pictures) God's provision is perfect.