Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sweet sweetness

this was in my inspiration folder {so i do not know where its from} i think its precious. perfect for a {long time in the future} nursery. only i thought it was so darling so i wanted to share it....check out one of the sweetest recipes i have ever heard or read on Fly Through Our Window
*huge thanks to kristen for helping site this picture, its from this beautiful nursery

Monday, March 29, 2010


Caitlin Creer has talked about her color of choice is green. She has recently posted some pretty little things that she has helped in designing that have totally inspired me to bring some more green around these here parts. specifically this kind of graphic green.


this last image was the one that i was super excited about. she had that green little pillow available online for purchase, only it was around $50....and well i just don't have kind of money, at least not while we are on the plan...

{despite i think against our dinner table they look a little brown, i promise that they are green} and then i stumbled across these at of all places, stein mart! they are napkins that were a little less than $2 each. i went ahead and got four of them. so back up plan if i don't want to make them into pillows we can just have great napkins :)

and then i came across this.....
maybe some chairs too....

sew fun!

oh my goodness yes i was just that cheesy for the title of this, but i am just so excited about how these pillows turned out! i found this material at a thrift store for $2. so my thoughts were to have a sewing lesson for some potential pillow covers...enter talented mother in law. she sewed them up and also gave me sewing 101 as well.

and for reals i am so happy with the results! only my mother in law may not have realized the door she opened b/c now i can't stop thinking of more sewing projects

Friday, March 26, 2010


i have to give a shout out to my Alma Mater who has made it to the sweet 16 here in march madness for the first time ever!! i mean like ever in the history of march madness/probably the farthest we have ever gone in a tournament. so in honor...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


recently Little Green Notebook did a post about flowers on fabric. thinking along those lines accompaning this longing for spring i did a floral painting search on etsy...

i know that there has to be a name for what i am about to descibe, {so someone who knows please enlighten me} but i really like it when paintings have texture

i think this is my favorite

Monday, March 22, 2010

inspirational workspace

my mother in law is super duper talented. i don't mean that in a " i know that she reads this blog" kinda way, i mean that in a professional interior designer kinda way. she has phenomenal taste and such an eye for detail. so when she finished decorating her office/workspace i had to share just a glimpse of her talent. to me this is the most perfect room ever,{that's right the most perfect, i know not the best grammar, but you get the point, right?} i feel like the creativity just flows from a room like this.

here is the wall to your right as you first walk in. i love wall galleries like this. and how the tv almost blends in with the art work. also, don't mind the sweet pup in it, i'll introduce him momentarily...

here is another shot if this wall. i mentioned that my mother in law was an interior designer, right? well she is also quite the artist, as you can see her easel up. {please note that i did not claim to be a photographer, these were taken out of excitement that she didn't mind me sharing her home...}

this is the opposite wall where her desk sits. the open shelves look so pretty and all looks so organized, another characteristic that i envy. wait till i show you more of her organization abilities...do you see that quilt up in that basket? yes she made it. i was over at her place so she could teach me how to sew. so what does the list look like now, designer, artist, sewer??? what can she not do you ask? i'll let you know as soon as i do... :)

here is a better view of her actual desk.

and all of her beautiful accessories...awesome. that framed note, is titled "i would pick more daises," i'm pretty sure she doesn't know but it has been up in her house for awhile and it's one of my favorites. i used to read it all the time. its basically about taking life a little slower and less serious.

more pretty accessories

and here is our darling pup, bo. don't let this picture fool you, as he is the most smiley, friendly, and loving puppy i have ever met. i believe this is his throne. or maybe the corner right behind it, but that's just when he gets tired of entertaining.

now here is some serious organization. this is such a unique and beautiful piece of furniture. unfortunately i didn't get better pictures of the labels but anything and everything you can imagine, crafty, you can find them in these drawers.
you have to forgive me as i do not know what animal this but i do like me the print.

and one of my favorite features, a mini refrigerators. {and a coffee maker, for those of you who drink coffee can appreciate this} what brilliance. other than coming out to see my husband, i don't think i could ever leave this room. e.v.e.r.

burlap curtains?? perfection. providing light, softness and texture....pretty great wow factor.

thanks so much kitty for letting me post these pictures of beauty :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring has sprung

i am so happy about warmer weather, the sun, flowers in bloom...everything about it. i was looking through this website and so loved all of their ideas to welcome spring i had to share. esp since i will be doing all of these things..

and/or some greenery will invade my house for real bringing the outside in :)

oh man, this sounds like the most delightful event. for no reason, except for bringing in spring. i will for sure do it. besides we got a pretty tea set for our wedding and i haven't gotten enough use of it.

now this may not go over well in our apt, but some paint on our furniture, absolutely!

sweet clay. he got a grill for our wedding, but we needed a dryer. so he gave it up so we could have clean clothes. but i promised him as soon as we could we would get him a grill. so maybe we can enjoy a barbecue elsewhere, just not home cooked.

oh with the sun shining the way it has been, all blinds and curtains will for sure be pulled back

most definitely. this apt could use some serious organization.

adding a touch of turquoise, i would love to set my table with a little tory burch action to my table

lighten up linens

taking out some of the blankets for sure, but gotta keep some. i'm pretty much cold all of the time.

tend to your garden

in other words, maybe start my own garden? don't have to tell me twice...i have been wanting an herb garden

decorate eggs

oh my goodness we are totally going to do this, if not with clay, maybe at my tea party?? ok!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

mirror image

i was flipping around flickr, and found these mirror images. i believe that the gentleman was showing these mirrors for the purposes of selling them, only i thought they were too pretty not to share

all the mirrors are reflecting such pretty images of furniture and scenes from a home. i would love to know enough photography to produce something like this. or really new anything about photography at all...

all images found here

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


my friend lisa has a beautiful blog, where she recently was inspired to write some parables for her son Liam to read when he is older. I read this one and asked her if i could share it i just thuoght it was so beautiful, thank lisa!

The Pearl of Great Value

There was a merchant kind and wise
Who searched the markets day and night
He combed the aisles in search of jewels
He hunted baubles bug and bright

Until one day, a tiny pearl
Caught the humble merchant's eye
Though soiled the pearl appeared to be
He thought it still a precious find

The vendor spoke to name his price
Despite the jewel's appearance gray
Many wares the pearl would cost
Most could not afford to pay

He drew the bead up to his chest
And whispered softly to his find
"You're lost no longer, fear no more;
For I am yours and you are mine."

That day the merchant traveled home
Devised a plan along the way
Of how he ought to buy the pearl
It mattered not the price to pay

He looked at everything he owned
Smiled, and with no second thought
He sold his goods, his home, his all
And that is how his pearl was bought

What awe shown from the vendor's face
When he received the payment due
For such a filthy, little pearl
He knew not what the merchant knew

For thought it seemed a hefty price
the value of a precious find
Was greater to the merchant, see
Than all that he would leave behind

That night the merchant took the pearl
Squalid by the ocean's earth
And combed the sands to find a spot
To wash it clean beside the firth

Brushing off the grains of sand
He stroked it with such gentle care
Then cleansed it in the ocean's foam
Until the pearl was white and bare

I asked the Lord the other day,
Who is this man? Who can he be?
That he would buy a muddied pearl
For such a lavish costly fee?

He drew the bead up to his chest
And whispered softly, "Don't you see?
You are lost no longer, fear no more
The pearl is you, the Merchant is me."


as one who does not like getting up early in the morning, despite every bone in my body that wants to....its a rarity that my hair is done for work. i usually leave the house with it thrown up into a pony tail. {if i could braid my hair pretty it would be in that too} this being the case the way i try to change it up is wearing different headbands....

these from Heart of Light are so pretty and dainty i can not wait to buy one from her etsy shop or follow some of her tutorials she has..

all images found at Heart of Light

looky looky i got hooky

i never thought i would say this, as i am a lover of all things rainy and cloudy. i love days of gray. however, i think i have had my fill since we have had over a month of it on and off.... rain, cold, snow, rain, clouds... yesterday was a beautiful day....
sun please come pack and stay
*side note--i've been thinking about changing up some things around here. so i did. i hope you like it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

honorable mentions

i have to say i was pleasantly surprised that avatar did not win as many awards as everyone predicted. i apologize to those that really enjoyed it, i just could not get over some of the lines i heard in the previews. i sorta think if one could spend billions on new visual affects going into the movie, you could have spend another million or so on the screenwriting.

and i enjoyed hurt locker, so that was another bonus. i will be honest, i didn't see many of the movies nominated but when it comes down to it, i care more about the fashion so lets get back to that....

another angle from my favorite dress of the night. the back is so unique. gray and yellow, perfection

this is something i can't imagine what it looked like on the hanger, but this girl pulled it off beautiful. those soft colors, well done.

everything that i am in love with this spring is in this dress. soft pinks, lace and flowers, good choice

this one may have to be my 2nd favorite. everything about it is sensational.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

grecian goddess

so far the Oscars are not quite yet over, however i have already found my most favorite...sjp, she looks gorgeous
love the yellow and grey
and all of those bangles
pretty pretty pretty

Friday, March 5, 2010

gone country

growing up i never liked country. my parents were not from texas, they did not appreciate it either, unlike ALL of my friends growing up. so after sometime, a few of the country classics, namely country of garth brooks, clint black, even pat green {not to be considered as a classic} rubbed off on me.

however as the years have gone by, with the exception of those few i have gone back to my ways of not enjoying country music. when i saw this video i had to share, as it is how i feel about country music too.

{still don't know how to add a video.}
found via here

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


please go look at this blog, its super clever and fun to flip through

"Rosebud's patience wore thin. Was the door opened or closed? She refused to suffer the humiliation of guessing."

from Dwell, February 2010

via Unhappy Hipsters