Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring has sprung

i am so happy about warmer weather, the sun, flowers in bloom...everything about it. i was looking through this website and so loved all of their ideas to welcome spring i had to share. esp since i will be doing all of these things..

and/or some greenery will invade my house for real bringing the outside in :)

oh man, this sounds like the most delightful event. for no reason, except for bringing in spring. i will for sure do it. besides we got a pretty tea set for our wedding and i haven't gotten enough use of it.

now this may not go over well in our apt, but some paint on our furniture, absolutely!

sweet clay. he got a grill for our wedding, but we needed a dryer. so he gave it up so we could have clean clothes. but i promised him as soon as we could we would get him a grill. so maybe we can enjoy a barbecue elsewhere, just not home cooked.

oh with the sun shining the way it has been, all blinds and curtains will for sure be pulled back

most definitely. this apt could use some serious organization.

adding a touch of turquoise, i would love to set my table with a little tory burch action to my table

lighten up linens

taking out some of the blankets for sure, but gotta keep some. i'm pretty much cold all of the time.

tend to your garden

in other words, maybe start my own garden? don't have to tell me twice...i have been wanting an herb garden

decorate eggs

oh my goodness we are totally going to do this, if not with clay, maybe at my tea party?? ok!

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