Monday, March 29, 2010


Caitlin Creer has talked about her color of choice is green. She has recently posted some pretty little things that she has helped in designing that have totally inspired me to bring some more green around these here parts. specifically this kind of graphic green.


this last image was the one that i was super excited about. she had that green little pillow available online for purchase, only it was around $50....and well i just don't have kind of money, at least not while we are on the plan...

{despite i think against our dinner table they look a little brown, i promise that they are green} and then i stumbled across these at of all places, stein mart! they are napkins that were a little less than $2 each. i went ahead and got four of them. so back up plan if i don't want to make them into pillows we can just have great napkins :)

and then i came across this.....
maybe some chairs too....


  1. Now when you say you're bringing a little more green in to you life, do you mean money?

    Kidding. Love the patterns!

  2. I LOVE GREEN! That's is some fabulous fabric, especially for $2 each. Go, you!

  3. Those are great! I want them, but I don't think we have a Steinmart closeby. : (


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