Monday, March 8, 2010

honorable mentions

i have to say i was pleasantly surprised that avatar did not win as many awards as everyone predicted. i apologize to those that really enjoyed it, i just could not get over some of the lines i heard in the previews. i sorta think if one could spend billions on new visual affects going into the movie, you could have spend another million or so on the screenwriting.

and i enjoyed hurt locker, so that was another bonus. i will be honest, i didn't see many of the movies nominated but when it comes down to it, i care more about the fashion so lets get back to that....

another angle from my favorite dress of the night. the back is so unique. gray and yellow, perfection

this is something i can't imagine what it looked like on the hanger, but this girl pulled it off beautiful. those soft colors, well done.

everything that i am in love with this spring is in this dress. soft pinks, lace and flowers, good choice

this one may have to be my 2nd favorite. everything about it is sensational.

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