Monday, March 22, 2010

inspirational workspace

my mother in law is super duper talented. i don't mean that in a " i know that she reads this blog" kinda way, i mean that in a professional interior designer kinda way. she has phenomenal taste and such an eye for detail. so when she finished decorating her office/workspace i had to share just a glimpse of her talent. to me this is the most perfect room ever,{that's right the most perfect, i know not the best grammar, but you get the point, right?} i feel like the creativity just flows from a room like this.

here is the wall to your right as you first walk in. i love wall galleries like this. and how the tv almost blends in with the art work. also, don't mind the sweet pup in it, i'll introduce him momentarily...

here is another shot if this wall. i mentioned that my mother in law was an interior designer, right? well she is also quite the artist, as you can see her easel up. {please note that i did not claim to be a photographer, these were taken out of excitement that she didn't mind me sharing her home...}

this is the opposite wall where her desk sits. the open shelves look so pretty and all looks so organized, another characteristic that i envy. wait till i show you more of her organization you see that quilt up in that basket? yes she made it. i was over at her place so she could teach me how to sew. so what does the list look like now, designer, artist, sewer??? what can she not do you ask? i'll let you know as soon as i do... :)

here is a better view of her actual desk.

and all of her beautiful accessories...awesome. that framed note, is titled "i would pick more daises," i'm pretty sure she doesn't know but it has been up in her house for awhile and it's one of my favorites. i used to read it all the time. its basically about taking life a little slower and less serious.

more pretty accessories

and here is our darling pup, bo. don't let this picture fool you, as he is the most smiley, friendly, and loving puppy i have ever met. i believe this is his throne. or maybe the corner right behind it, but that's just when he gets tired of entertaining.

now here is some serious organization. this is such a unique and beautiful piece of furniture. unfortunately i didn't get better pictures of the labels but anything and everything you can imagine, crafty, you can find them in these drawers.
you have to forgive me as i do not know what animal this but i do like me the print.

and one of my favorite features, a mini refrigerators. {and a coffee maker, for those of you who drink coffee can appreciate this} what brilliance. other than coming out to see my husband, i don't think i could ever leave this room. e.v.e.r.

burlap curtains?? perfection. providing light, softness and texture....pretty great wow factor.

thanks so much kitty for letting me post these pictures of beauty :)


  1. BAH! I love it! I'm linking to your post right now! Hope you don't mind if I steal a few pictures, too!

    (I don't think Beau liked the camera. He's not looking like his normal Casanova self.) ;)

  2. You flatter me, Monique! I love that you featured "I'd Pick More Daisies". That was from my mom, and a comment to those she loved as to what she had learned the hard way -- love you!


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