Wednesday, March 10, 2010


my friend lisa has a beautiful blog, where she recently was inspired to write some parables for her son Liam to read when he is older. I read this one and asked her if i could share it i just thuoght it was so beautiful, thank lisa!

The Pearl of Great Value

There was a merchant kind and wise
Who searched the markets day and night
He combed the aisles in search of jewels
He hunted baubles bug and bright

Until one day, a tiny pearl
Caught the humble merchant's eye
Though soiled the pearl appeared to be
He thought it still a precious find

The vendor spoke to name his price
Despite the jewel's appearance gray
Many wares the pearl would cost
Most could not afford to pay

He drew the bead up to his chest
And whispered softly to his find
"You're lost no longer, fear no more;
For I am yours and you are mine."

That day the merchant traveled home
Devised a plan along the way
Of how he ought to buy the pearl
It mattered not the price to pay

He looked at everything he owned
Smiled, and with no second thought
He sold his goods, his home, his all
And that is how his pearl was bought

What awe shown from the vendor's face
When he received the payment due
For such a filthy, little pearl
He knew not what the merchant knew

For thought it seemed a hefty price
the value of a precious find
Was greater to the merchant, see
Than all that he would leave behind

That night the merchant took the pearl
Squalid by the ocean's earth
And combed the sands to find a spot
To wash it clean beside the firth

Brushing off the grains of sand
He stroked it with such gentle care
Then cleansed it in the ocean's foam
Until the pearl was white and bare

I asked the Lord the other day,
Who is this man? Who can he be?
That he would buy a muddied pearl
For such a lavish costly fee?

He drew the bead up to his chest
And whispered softly, "Don't you see?
You are lost no longer, fear no more
The pearl is you, the Merchant is me."


  1. So... I went all stalker-ish and looked through some of your friend's beautiful picture albums. What fun travels! and a cute baby to boot!

  2. That was beautiful - thanks for sharing! love you!


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