Friday, March 5, 2010

gone country

growing up i never liked country. my parents were not from texas, they did not appreciate it either, unlike ALL of my friends growing up. so after sometime, a few of the country classics, namely country of garth brooks, clint black, even pat green {not to be considered as a classic} rubbed off on me.

however as the years have gone by, with the exception of those few i have gone back to my ways of not enjoying country music. when i saw this video i had to share, as it is how i feel about country music too.

{still don't know how to add a video.}
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  1. I don't really enjoy country music much. But my Husband loves it so I know the words to a few songs. Considered learning to play the guitar and singing "she thinks my tractor's sexy" at our wedding. Never happened.

    Glad you liked the video. Thanks for stopping by! Cute blog and LOVE your background.


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