Monday, March 29, 2010

sew fun!

oh my goodness yes i was just that cheesy for the title of this, but i am just so excited about how these pillows turned out! i found this material at a thrift store for $2. so my thoughts were to have a sewing lesson for some potential pillow covers...enter talented mother in law. she sewed them up and also gave me sewing 101 as well.

and for reals i am so happy with the results! only my mother in law may not have realized the door she opened b/c now i can't stop thinking of more sewing projects


  1. super duper cute!! especially for only $2!! Pillows from the store cost soooo much! That is impressive!

  2. They're great... of course. We had such a good time with you guys this weekend. Thanks for hanging out!


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