Sunday, January 31, 2010


so many pretty things to appreciate at dwell studio. it is for sure more on the modern end of design but for the most part i feel as though it is subtle enough that its not too cold and/or minimalist.

this duvet below, if not for the price would be under some serious consideration for our room

lovely place matsagain with the birds

but who can blame me when this looks soooooo good

more place mats {i am actually in need of a table cloth more than place mats. but its what happens when you try to iron your husband's shirt on your table and burn the towel to the table. yup. place mats will not do the trick to cover up that boo boo.}

blue pillow

now i could not resist this. especially when you look at their website and they acknowledge that owls are often something used for inspiration. please bare with me as i merely admire these pretties... {also this is just admiration, not hinting of anything happening in the wooten world.}

how precious is this?! thank you for humoring me :)


we read this, this morning in church and it totally struck a chord with me. specifically calling my out on my unbelief. i often don't believe God will fufill His promises, i don't believe i am forgiven for all the things i do, and really sometimes i don't think i need forgiveness...i consider myself a hypothetical sinner, who therefore needs a hypothetical savior. far far far from the truth. i am a sinner who doesn't even understand the depth of my sin. I pray it will warm your heart to Him as it has to me.
O my Savior, help me. Continue to save me.
In myself I am slow to learn, prone to forget
and weak to climb. Help my unbelief.
I am in the foothills when I could be on the slopes.
I am pained by how I can neglect grace and prayer.
I am pained by my poverty of love,
my sloth in the heavenly race,
my wasted hours and
my unspent opportunities.
I have begun to see by your grace,
but I am still blind to so much of your light.
Take the scales from my eyes. Help my unbelief.
Make it my highest joy to study you,
meditate on you,
gaze on you,
sit, like Mary, at your feet,
lean, like John, on your breast,
appeal, like Peter, to your love,
count, like Paul, all things as refuse that I may know you.
I believe. Help my unbelief.
For Your name's sake. Amen.
a prayer from the valley of vision

Thursday, January 28, 2010

no pants

i still have not learned how to do a video, nonetheless i wanted to share this from Color Me Katie

when i see things like this it makes me wish i lived in new york

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


flowers are the perfect way to brighten up a room. i love them. any foliage really though works for me. {can you tell that i'm really getting ready for spring here?} take these images much do the flowers just add the finishing touch?? {also i can't talk about flowers with out giving a shout out to my fav horticulture master, rjp!}

i love this arrangement of color, and size

love peonies

they almost blend in here, so don't miss them!

i love lilies more....

well if you enjoy flowers, you need to go over to Flea Market Style and enter their giveaway for some really pretty print and signed rose images. they are some photographs taken by their photographer and the headlining story of their magazine. check it out!!
all images from Style at Home

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i have nothing to say, but i thought these were super pretty

and this is the kitchen from the movie somethings got to give

Monday, January 25, 2010

shopportunities of my fav places. now i know homesgoods is like the place, but they are pretty much the same to me. homegoods has more but on my last venture to marshalls i was blown away at the different things they had. {now i must apologize before hand, the people at marshalls were not please with me taking these pictures were done discretely, and therefore are not centered with the best lighting, but i just had to capture it.}

we will begin our tour with some fun napkins to get us in the spring spirit...

and they were only $2.00

feast your eyes on this pretty. she has a partner on the other side of the table, great little set. for only $60.00 EACH!! its got tufts and the back has nail heads. {real nail heads, not like the nail heads i mentioned here , when i meant hobnails, oops!} you maybe able to see them in the background of the next pic

and here are these pretty lamps. those shade are perfection....$29.00 each

sunburst loved by so many only $29.00

short and stout lamp, $20.00

side table $40.00

this was the most shocking find of them all. beautiful lucite chairs for $50.00 each...i would make room for these somewhere in this apt. i looooooooove these! {note my sonic drink and red shoes there on that ottoman}

marshalls ya did well.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

full circle

i love having my hands free and not having to do things and try to balance my purse too. these cross body purses would be wonderful this spring...its 55 degrees out but the sun is a shining, so spring is a coming...

i love anthro....more here

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my decor sweet tooth

despite my aforementioned indecisiveness...there are a few things that i really can't turn down, ever or get enough. i can't help but notice these things everywhere i go. unfortunately, my dear and sweet husband does not have the same appreciation for my obsessions...therefore they must be tamed mucho. {and really it probably keeps me balanced, and not become one of those. }
nonetheless i see an owl, or any bird in any shape or form. i have to at least pick it up and examine it. at least pretend i am taking it home.

i'm not the only one, which makes me feel better, kelly over at High Street Market, always as a few, as such.

and milk glass. i looooooooovvvvveee milk glass. not really the ones with the grapes and stuff on them, but the ones with nail heads. thank you jamie, for seeming to appreciate it too.
lastly, i can't get enough of plates. any plates. maybe too much. i do think i have inherited this from my mom. she has such a huge collection, almost a curator.
but for reals, i really really love them.

my sweet mother, knowing my enjoyment of both birds and plates. called me the other day to tell me she came across some beautiful hand painted plates in her collection, that she wasn't really using. she asked me if i wanted to see them.
who wouldn't adore them?
now i just have to see where they should go....i sorta already have a few they may not make it up here in our humble abode...but maybe in our next place?

on a totally unrelated note, what do we think about these frames? these are from my trash picking experience. {ignore the bike and helmet we are quite limited on storage space,especially when i'm using our little patio for painting projects. also don't mind that lame lamp shade there in the corner. it will change soon too.} overall do we like it? jury is still out for me on this one....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

is it just me?

so i'm in this place where i feel like i just don't know what i want. i know, shocking. it's not that i need to figure myself and my life plan out immediately but....i want to. this realistically bleeds into many aspects of my life, but will just go with the first one at hand. i don't know what look i want to live with.

clearly with so many things going on in the world i hate to talk about something with such little significance in the scheme of things....but it has been something of a bum lately that makes me not able to make decisions.

for example, these beautiful images below. they are all from my inspiration folder {which also is mainly for my purposes so i didn't even bother to see where they are from, my apologies.}

i love all of everything that is going on here. the painted buffet, the large pretty flowers, the mirror. everything in this room comes together so well.

then there is this more modern, patterns on top of patterns. all colors of the rainbow, green, black, pink, orange, white, yellow, grey....the bed is unmade, which i love. i also love how great it all looks as a mess, partially b/c this is a bit of my reality

then there is this. clean, soft lines, white, simple, a little modern with that vintage touch. original, but live able.

so that's where i am right now. what look do i want to go for? i realize things will change as i grow up, as our family grows {to maybe 2 dogs or something}, when we own something, but i want to have a direction i am going in. rather than the hodgepodge of ideas, furniture and color.

Monday, January 18, 2010

you and i

i can't stop listening to this song.....

i don't know how to put up a video, i will learn though :)
*edit* look at this site, that one^ is broken

Thursday, January 14, 2010

book club

so i got a letter from one of my dear friends courtney. it was titled an "informal book club." this maybe something you are familiar with, but i didn't and i think its a pretty great idea. in case you are not familiar with the concept, i would send one book to the person on the back of my letter and then send six invitation letters to other people. so i only send one out, but i should receive something like 36 books.
i have been trying to find something to catch my attention. so i mean 36 books? there has to be something that intrigues me....hope it works

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


as i was perusing around craiglist here in the dfw area i found quite a few gems that need a little TLC and they would be good to go! and since i have no money right now, you should get them so i can live vicariously through you...thanks ;)

$25 dining room table

$50 art deco chest of drawers

this one is a little more pricey than i could like to look at, but i just thought it was so pretty, with mucho potential

Monday, January 11, 2010


we were having dinner with some friends the other night. great times. they had just started doing some p90x and were super sold on it. clay being the work out guy that he is was super intrigued. he has been looking for a new way to work out and do something different. and i'm not going to lie, i have been in some desperate need for something, anything. since we were both becoming more interested, i started to look and see how much it was. well the whole set is $150 for all the nutrition info, bands, and 13 dvds. well me being the "savvy" buyer that i am was determined to find this for a better deal. i scoured the Internet to see if buying things separately was better or how we could do with out some things and with others.

needless to say i ended here. now i have spent a pretty good chunk of time looking at things on ebay. decor stuff, clothes, and other things. despite all that time i have never purchased anything. my mother in law often finds little gems and has had a really great experience using ebay. well i found some dvds that were up for sale in their "buy it now" category for like $60 with free shipping. now i know that $60 is not a whole lot, but there is more of a principal that is going here more than totaled out to be about $65 in the end. well great i was pumped proud of myself and thought as pridefully as possible "i can make a dollar go so far."
well don't worry that only after the money was taken out of our bank account did i receive an email that this product is unavailable.
that's right UNAVAILABLE.
hmmmm, wait but you already took the money out of my bank account ebay.....that's not possible right?
email ebay, inform them what is going on here. that um, money was stolen... and guess what? i have heard nada. nothing. zilch. i have received polite emails thanking me for contacting them, but no answer. and their little please wait "x" amount of hours thing is quickly running i am angry. very. very. angry. with. you. ebay.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


my dear friend robbie jane invited clay and i to join her and her family to the jewel charity ball. clay and i haven't anything formal basically since we got married. so we were so excited to get all dressed up!

the mantel at the paups house was the perfect background for many of the events of high school...therefore it was only appropriate that we brought it back

love their dresses, soooooo pretty

here is our kid day we will grow up, but not today

love this handsome boy

all the men and their scotch

party favors= makes fun more fun

life long

we had such a blast dancing, singing, trying on incredible jewelry, talking, laughing, eating, getting on stage, riding the bus, seeing old friends, making new ones, everything was great