Monday, January 11, 2010


we were having dinner with some friends the other night. great times. they had just started doing some p90x and were super sold on it. clay being the work out guy that he is was super intrigued. he has been looking for a new way to work out and do something different. and i'm not going to lie, i have been in some desperate need for something, anything. since we were both becoming more interested, i started to look and see how much it was. well the whole set is $150 for all the nutrition info, bands, and 13 dvds. well me being the "savvy" buyer that i am was determined to find this for a better deal. i scoured the Internet to see if buying things separately was better or how we could do with out some things and with others.

needless to say i ended here. now i have spent a pretty good chunk of time looking at things on ebay. decor stuff, clothes, and other things. despite all that time i have never purchased anything. my mother in law often finds little gems and has had a really great experience using ebay. well i found some dvds that were up for sale in their "buy it now" category for like $60 with free shipping. now i know that $60 is not a whole lot, but there is more of a principal that is going here more than totaled out to be about $65 in the end. well great i was pumped proud of myself and thought as pridefully as possible "i can make a dollar go so far."
well don't worry that only after the money was taken out of our bank account did i receive an email that this product is unavailable.
that's right UNAVAILABLE.
hmmmm, wait but you already took the money out of my bank account ebay.....that's not possible right?
email ebay, inform them what is going on here. that um, money was stolen... and guess what? i have heard nada. nothing. zilch. i have received polite emails thanking me for contacting them, but no answer. and their little please wait "x" amount of hours thing is quickly running i am angry. very. very. angry. with. you. ebay.

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