Tuesday, January 5, 2010


when i was a sophomore in college one of my roommates was from chicago. she was a sweetheart and basically furnished our entire downstairs of our apt for all 5 of us. i remember thanking her so much and asking her where she found all these neat things. she told me that she just went trash picking all summer and found them. to me, this at the time was especially unfathomable b/c we lived in waco, where if ever you were to go trash picking you had to be mindful not to ruin a homeless person's humble abode. its sad but very true.

well i'd like to say that yesterday i did some successful trash picking. when i was leaving a clients house i spotted these here beauties...well their not beauties yet, but soon.... not sure what i am going to do with them, but hey they were free :)

p.s. i also found a beautiful tufted blue velvet love seat--but that was a little to far of a stretch for me to refinish or upholster for that matter

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  1. Yeah for dumpster diving! I love all three frames!


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