Sunday, January 31, 2010


so many pretty things to appreciate at dwell studio. it is for sure more on the modern end of design but for the most part i feel as though it is subtle enough that its not too cold and/or minimalist.

this duvet below, if not for the price would be under some serious consideration for our room

lovely place matsagain with the birds

but who can blame me when this looks soooooo good

more place mats {i am actually in need of a table cloth more than place mats. but its what happens when you try to iron your husband's shirt on your table and burn the towel to the table. yup. place mats will not do the trick to cover up that boo boo.}

blue pillow

now i could not resist this. especially when you look at their website and they acknowledge that owls are often something used for inspiration. please bare with me as i merely admire these pretties... {also this is just admiration, not hinting of anything happening in the wooten world.}

how precious is this?! thank you for humoring me :)

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