Thursday, January 21, 2010

my decor sweet tooth

despite my aforementioned indecisiveness...there are a few things that i really can't turn down, ever or get enough. i can't help but notice these things everywhere i go. unfortunately, my dear and sweet husband does not have the same appreciation for my obsessions...therefore they must be tamed mucho. {and really it probably keeps me balanced, and not become one of those. }
nonetheless i see an owl, or any bird in any shape or form. i have to at least pick it up and examine it. at least pretend i am taking it home.

i'm not the only one, which makes me feel better, kelly over at High Street Market, always as a few, as such.

and milk glass. i looooooooovvvvveee milk glass. not really the ones with the grapes and stuff on them, but the ones with nail heads. thank you jamie, for seeming to appreciate it too.
lastly, i can't get enough of plates. any plates. maybe too much. i do think i have inherited this from my mom. she has such a huge collection, almost a curator.
but for reals, i really really love them.

my sweet mother, knowing my enjoyment of both birds and plates. called me the other day to tell me she came across some beautiful hand painted plates in her collection, that she wasn't really using. she asked me if i wanted to see them.
who wouldn't adore them?
now i just have to see where they should go....i sorta already have a few they may not make it up here in our humble abode...but maybe in our next place?

on a totally unrelated note, what do we think about these frames? these are from my trash picking experience. {ignore the bike and helmet we are quite limited on storage space,especially when i'm using our little patio for painting projects. also don't mind that lame lamp shade there in the corner. it will change soon too.} overall do we like it? jury is still out for me on this one....


  1. The engineer in me thinks that the varying thickness of the frames causes some issues. With the thick frame on the far right side and the very thick frame in the bottom center, the far left side seems to need a bit more to anchor/balance it. This could also be an issue with the fact that the picture is taken at an angle such that the left hand side naturally has less emphasis.
    But, as I said, I'm an engineer and find that things look best to me when they're very visually balanced. I also decorate with Lego creations and Mr. Potato Heads, so taking interior design advice from me may not be the best course of action. :)

  2. haha, thanks ruth ann! i' m so happy to have your input! i will play with them some more...besides i love me some legos :)

  3. I love your frames! I think they look fantastic - you have such a good eye! I would even love more of them overlapping these - good job!! xoxo!

  4. Monique - I love the idea of empty frames on the wall! Check out the photos of similar walls on this blog's first post:

    I like the pic of the green-walled staircase with cream frames in varying shapes. You could also do different size/shape frames inside one another like that.

  5. so pretty! i love them all thank you so much for sharing...not to mention what a pretty blog :)


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