Tuesday, January 19, 2010

is it just me?

so i'm in this place where i feel like i just don't know what i want. i know, shocking. it's not that i need to figure myself and my life plan out immediately but....i want to. this realistically bleeds into many aspects of my life, but will just go with the first one at hand. i don't know what look i want to live with.

clearly with so many things going on in the world i hate to talk about something with such little significance in the scheme of things....but it has been something of a bum lately that makes me not able to make decisions.

for example, these beautiful images below. they are all from my inspiration folder {which also is mainly for my purposes so i didn't even bother to see where they are from, my apologies.}

i love all of everything that is going on here. the painted buffet, the large pretty flowers, the mirror. everything in this room comes together so well.

then there is this more modern, patterns on top of patterns. all colors of the rainbow, green, black, pink, orange, white, yellow, grey....the bed is unmade, which i love. i also love how great it all looks as a mess, partially b/c this is a bit of my reality

then there is this. clean, soft lines, white, simple, a little modern with that vintage touch. original, but live able.

so that's where i am right now. what look do i want to go for? i realize things will change as i grow up, as our family grows {to maybe 2 dogs or something}, when we own something, but i want to have a direction i am going in. rather than the hodgepodge of ideas, furniture and color.

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