Monday, January 25, 2010

shopportunities of my fav places. now i know homesgoods is like the place, but they are pretty much the same to me. homegoods has more but on my last venture to marshalls i was blown away at the different things they had. {now i must apologize before hand, the people at marshalls were not please with me taking these pictures were done discretely, and therefore are not centered with the best lighting, but i just had to capture it.}

we will begin our tour with some fun napkins to get us in the spring spirit...

and they were only $2.00

feast your eyes on this pretty. she has a partner on the other side of the table, great little set. for only $60.00 EACH!! its got tufts and the back has nail heads. {real nail heads, not like the nail heads i mentioned here , when i meant hobnails, oops!} you maybe able to see them in the background of the next pic

and here are these pretty lamps. those shade are perfection....$29.00 each

sunburst loved by so many only $29.00

short and stout lamp, $20.00

side table $40.00

this was the most shocking find of them all. beautiful lucite chairs for $50.00 each...i would make room for these somewhere in this apt. i looooooooove these! {note my sonic drink and red shoes there on that ottoman}

marshalls ya did well.


  1. I feel like I need to bolt out of my office right now and go buy everything you just pictured. I started sweating when I saw those black and white chairs with the nailhead trim. Only $60?! Are you kidding? If only C and I weren't on tax season financial lock down. Sigh.

  2. I know I just left a comment, but I also wanted to say that I want to snatch that sunburst mirror away, too. I would put it in our boring powder room.


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