Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i confess i have only recently been introduced to ballard designs, but better late than never right??? and of course i am so grateful that i was! i mean who could disagree when you look at a headboard such as this?

i mean i love this headboard but maybe b/c that appeals to our lifestyle...clay has to be up before me and lets be honest here i sleep until the last minute so this headboard would make an unmade bed look super pretty. course if you do regularly make your bed, i'm not sure how you would get to appreciate the blue flower.
presently i can't get enough of owls, milk glass, and nail heads. oh and tufts.

i want to get a table in our bathroom and this would be the one. {this is assuming that one day we have a bathroom were there is room enough for a table.}

i love these graphics

again nail heads this time on a mirror

and this wall paper... sorta reminds me of this

i think i would use this wall paper in my bathroom

and this in my closet. they say yellow induces happiness--perfect to wake me up and try to figure out what to wear in the mornings
check out all the beautiful things here

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