Wednesday, December 29, 2010

full term

went to the doc yesterday :) got a great report! i am currently 1 cm dilated and am progressing along well. the dr couldn't speak for sure, as they never can, but didn't think i was going to make it to my due date. so Hazel cold be making her appearance any day now! i am trying to pretend i didn't hear those words though...i just keep trying to think long term, even past my due date. i just work better that way, instead of getting disappointed/super anxious if she is late.

i will say this whole 3rd trimester thing is not my cup of tea. i wish i could say i was one of those women who just loved loved loved being pregnant. but alas, i. do. not. now don't get me wrong i love everything that comes with being a baby. but that's about it.

my life right now...
-clothes just don't' fit. few, very few do.
-i've been asked at least 3 times if i'm going to go into labor and someone is going to have to call an ambulance for me.
-i don't walk... i waddle
-every time i put my shoes on i have acid reflux
-i still love when she moves around
-my most favorite thing is when clay talks to her
Hazel we are so ready to meet you :)

bragging on the boy

my sweet hubby needs a little attention on this blog, b/c he has done good. for christmas i received this watch (only a little different with some rhinestones and buttons)

such a fun christmas gift!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

bradly and hazel

during our thanksgiving celebration my sweet mother in law had a friend come over and take some pictures for christmas cards. i hadn't realized just how fun it would be to have these pictures when i realized it was bradly and hazel's first photo shoot. i'm anticipating many more to follow after seeing some of these results :)

they are going to be such good buddies

bradly's parents, just presh

hazel's mama and daddy

kiki, pops, and the whole gang....can't wait to meet you girls!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

belly touching

it really has not bothered me. in a weird way i kinda love it. its part of what being pregnant is all about, at least as far as getting to share in it with others. today though has been the strangest to date as far as belly touching goes....

so i guess there needs to be some explination before i launch into my story. first of all i work in home health with kids of low income families with speech problems...IE.. i work in some pretty rough and tough neighborhoods. not having an office to be in most of the day i make efforts to find clean bathrooms, good places for gas and lets be honest the occasional snack here and there.

so now after much time working in this area i guess you could say i am a regular to this particular gas station. i hadn't really realized it but i'll explain more in just a bit....

i walked into my usual gas station today to grab some gas and use the restroom (and with being this far along in pregnancy its true i have stopped a couple of times there in one day.) when one of the three of the gentleman yelled over the counter, "hey, so when are you going to pop?"

me, after a moment of realizing i'm the only one in there that could "pop," was caught a little off guard and stumbled to respond, "oh, um jan 20..."

"ah, you owe me a dollar!!!" says the gentleman to the other guys there. apparently they had all been making bets on when i was going to "pop," and the guy who asked guessed january while the others had there money on december. after which he proceeded to step down and touch my belly, thanking my belly for hanging in there till then and winning him a dollar.

not a clue of how to respond, i said,"uh, your welcome, glad we could help..."

sure i like the touching of my belly, so i have to say that truly it wasn't awkward as it could sound it was more funny, and maybe a little weird.