Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yes her

so ever ever ever since Zooey Deschanel was on the cover of domino.....i have become her biggest fan. first of all not only was her home awesome {i loved that color blue on her walls} but i loved her outfits. i had noticed her a few times before but now had a new appreciation for her!

i love those tights!

and her place looks so eclectic, i love eclectic.

shoes? yes please!

now she has had some key roles in some movies that are climbing my charts such as elf

she was in failure to launch, but i have to say i was not a fan of this movie....its almost the same thing as how to lose a guy in 10 days but not nearly as cute. anyway, that is my two cents...

but she recovered with this role in yes man. this is my favorite scene when they go to the harry potter themed party. now that may have to do more with jim carey and his other co-star but whatever it great and i like her in it.... if you haven't seen it please watch it!

for my birthday clay took me to see 500 days of summer. she plays this weird, funky, super independent person, and he is in love with her. yes yes a romantic comedy, i've never thought of myself as a huge fan of them. but when you live with a boy, and the picking is far in few between when you watch them you have a different appreciation for them. beside this one's presentation is a bit more creative than others. any who, i loved it!!!! and i love her!!! have i said that yet!?!?!?! she is super cute, i love her hair and i wouldn't mind taking her clothes.

so here is my last shout out for zooey....i recently came across this.....she is in a band, and low and behold i like the music.....the video is weird but i approve.....

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