Monday, January 16, 2012

Hazel's first birthday

I could not believe it was already here when the 14th came.  The day before I kept saying things like "this time last year I was at work trying to breathe through contractions...."
Our baby is 1!  I am so thankful for my creative sister's awesome idea :)  Hazel loves little lambs and my sister Camille came up with the "theme."  She even painted an adorable little lamb that will go in her room! (need to find a picture of it) My friend Lizzie was able to be in town and helped me put things together.  Which all was perfect because Clay came down with shingles a couple of days before and was out for the count. (Please pray for him, it has been quite a few painful days)  It was so fun to have our family and friends there, we all had a blast!  

She loved getting hearing the "happy birthday," we sang it several times that day. 
Still do here and there. ;)

Happy birthday to our dear little girl! Who as I write this is desperate to go outside, her absolute fav right now....So I must run :)


  1. What a sweet party for a sweet girl! We were so glad to celebrate with you guys and visit with everyone.


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