Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 months

I can not believe how fast these last 11 months have flown by.  Our little girl is desperate to walk, a speedy crawler {especially when she hears the word "bath," she drops whatever she is doing and moves as quickly as possible to her bathroom} she doesn't really cry much besides those fussy moments right before bedtime.  Talking to herself in her crib, her "alone time," is one of her favorite past times.

Some of her other favorites are, but not limited to:
-cheerios/ yogurt for snack time
-she understands she is not supposed to touch the Christmas tree so she just waves in that direction.  She will also come to me and wave to the tree when she wants me to pick her up and show her all the ornaments.  {we do this about 45x a day}
-when she finds leaves {dragged in by her furry, puppy sister} she is proud of her findings and lifts it up for us to see.  Of course, mischievously, if we don't notice she quickly puts it her mouth.
-high fives
-clapping for herself after she has done anything
-still adores elmo
-turning off light switches
-going with us to get the mail

What an absolute joy she has been in our lives.  We both could not love or adore her more.  

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  1. love the ornament part! so cute! can't wait to see her walk in april!


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