Wednesday, February 3, 2010

9 days!

can you believe its almost here? i am so excited!!!! there are many days i am thankful we finally have tv, {after 9 months of none} but here in 9 days or so i would have been living at other people's houses trying to get my fill. i also wish i had dvr, so i could watch to my hearts content...

can not wait for figure skating, free style skiing, curling {that's right, all of it!} ski jumping, speed skating, bobsleigh {cool runnings anyone? random story, when clay and i were at the airport, on our way to out honeymoon, we saw the Jamaican track team on their way to japan for the summer Olympics...we couldn't stop quoting} luge, snowboarding, alpine skiing.....its gonna be great! i just hope there is enough snow for everything

did i mention my father in law is going? my plan is to stuff myself in one of his bags....

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