Sunday, February 21, 2010

angela martin

in a haze of not really being able to sleep recently and with no cable at our apt i have been spending many nights watching office reruns on netflix. i have seen way too many episodes and reference them far too often. recently, i was noticing angela's outfits and although she describes herself as "shopping in children's departments" and "ordering large American girl doll clothes," i kinda like them...

did you know that she went to baylor? she was also a chi-o there. yes yes it may be lame to mention, but its pretty exciting. baylor doesn't have too many stories like that.

i wouldn't be opposed to roast my boss either...
if only i worked in some sort of job where scrubs or sweats were not the the attire. don't hear me complaining here, there are so many perks, but it wouldn't be too bad to get to dress up in regular clothes. only, as long as i am sitting and crawling on floors there is no chance of real clothes.

did you know she was pregnant while filming? i came across this picture and was shocked

she may have a heart of stone as her character but i can at least enjoy most of her outfits.

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