Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tory burch at fashion week 2010

although i am anxiously awaiting for spring to get here, with all of the pictures from fashion week i couldn't help but check out many of the fashion lines for fall of 2010. there were many many beautiful clothes all over the place. can you imagine being there and seeing all these things in person??? no way! however if i had the choice to be in new york during fashion week or be in Vancouver for the Olympics i would definitely choose Olympics. i digress, tory burch's line was full of so many incredible things. all with a touch of very blue and neon orange. i for sure prefer it over many of the models in black are a few of them...

definitely love the red

i am totally into those headbands, and those blue tights in the background

how about those boots?!

this is often how most pants fit me, not models

so i think its safe to say that sequins, feathers, hoodies, headbands, studs, layering, belts and boots are all great investments/perfect choices for this fall. {so maybe go buy some when they go on sale before the spring :)}

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  1. Gasp! That red sequined dress! Great post, girl. :)


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