Monday, May 3, 2010

that feeling

gold + the color yellow = a happy moment
this image cheers me up a bit after a rough morning...wanna hear about it?
you know that feeling? the feeling in the pit of your stomach where you are asking yourself, is this really happening to me? please God, wake me up now!? like when you are in 8th grade on a canoe trip down the rio grande when mother nature comes to visit you. and you have to convince your lunch lady {who is a chaperon on the school trip} in front of all the boys in school that really its not a bad cut and that all you have to do is get back on the bus.
or when you trip on some stairs on campus in front of all the burly athletes, and your bag somehow swings over your head spilling all of your books and smacking you in the face giving you a black eye.
well all of the above is true for me so why the events that occurred this morning were any surprise to me, i don't know...
that feeling came... you know the one when you are leaving your job {i am only switching to a different company that has better opportunities for me, still doing the same thing} you have put in your resignation and you are coming to the office for an informal exit interview. this is your chance to stick it to your boss and tell her all your frustrations. well you get the courage to share some of those and leave feeling pretty high and mighty, when the Lord brings you a big slice of humble pie. you go to start your car and the battery is dead. that's. right. dead. oh yes you are now stuck in the parking lot waiting for AAA while your boss sees you in her office with quite the grin on her face. unbelievable right? that's that awful feeling.
so that has been my monday so far, hope yours is going much much better :)


  1. Oh yuck. If I could afford a bottle of chanel no. 5, I'd send you one. Hope things get better!

  2. thank you friend!! i'll pretend i recieved that perfume and be like a child at christmas :)

  3. oh friend! so sorry to hear that! excited for your new opportunity, though!

  4. I'm sorry, sweet sis. A dead battery is a day ruiner anyway, let alone in this situation.

    I sez, "onward and upward!" :)


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