Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i'm in awe of the last find i have made. i have been searching for something such as this since before we were married. today was my lucky lucky day!

look even sophie is admiring. its the perfect mirrored coffee table. now before you think i went to a normal furniture place and stumbled across this, please remember who is writing. its not that i am opposed to furniture stores, its just that with our budget i try not to go into them. it would just be frustrating. so this gem was believe it or not found in a thrift store. yes that's right a thrift store.

enter MIL, kitty... i have to give her many thanks as she has heard me talk about mirrored furniture forever. so she had told me that she would purchase it for me :)

now remember these frames?

and these plates?

well i have been at a loss of how to make them work. they have both made their way around the whole apt many many times...

so when kitty helped me get the table up our three flights of stairs, i took advantage of her. and together we created this...

now i sit here in awe of it all


  1. Awesome table! What a lucky find. I've always wanted a mirrored chest of drawers for my bedroom. So glamourous!

  2. I cannot emphasize enough how perfect that table is there! I love the mirrors, the shape, the scale--all of it is just perfect for your living room. The plate and frames work so well together, too! It's all awesome!

  3. Super, super cute Monique!! I love that coffee table!!

  4. I tagged you for a "build your dream home" post. Play along if you'd like!


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