Tuesday, May 11, 2010

and scene

mother's day dinner with all of my family in fort worth. wootens/williams united.
may have been my most favorite dinner
{also my knees are bent some, i maybe short but not that short}


  1. Hey! I know those people! What a fun dinner. :) Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful family? B/c you do! P.S. I love the excited expression on your mom's face. Too cute.

    Also, I usually don't think Clay and Carter look alike, but there's definitely a resemblance in this pic. Maybe it's the gray shirts and short hair.

  2. Can I steal this and post it on my blog, too?

  3. haha you are too sweet! of course... i would be flattered if you did!

  4. p.s. those boys really do look a lot alike here


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