Wednesday, May 19, 2010

build your own dream home

boy was i honored when Nikki, at Que sera sera! tagged me in a "build your own dream home." so basically i just unloaded my inspiration folder in the blog post. i have to say this post will be long...but its full of beautiful pictures so if you can hang with me, i can promise it will be worth it :)

but before i get to that i want to go ahead and tag a few favs..

beth at everyday attic
maggie at The Walton's


"my dream home" may have many faces...

enter and feist your eyes on my beautiful wall paper and my chevron/herringbone floor

or you can just stare at your reflection at my spotless wood floors

you can kick back and relax, only do so gently with my glass table in front

i think i could sit in my living area all day...

did you not find anything on tv in my living area? not a problem, think of a book title, any book title...i have here in my library

let me get you something to eat. have you seen how big my refrigerator is? its unlike any other and works magic on food. this way it keeps food for weeks!
i have to have two islands, one ofr the kids to sit at and another for the food prep

i love white dishes...and all of this blue


and you can choose any one of my dining areas to sit and enjoy some delicious food

tired after a looooooooong day of work at your new job? i am. i think i'll take a long relaxing bath in my luxurious bath tub

and pluck my eyebrows here, ahhh, so relaxing just thinking about it

our glamorous bedroom

do you see the pom poms i made for out nursery? i have always said we wanted to have lots of kids and this house a rooms for all of them.

oh we also have some older children, this is my little girls room

and my little boys room

and this is their those colors

one of our guest bedrooms, its the 7th door on the right...not the 2nd {can you guess what movie that's from??}

my office

lets go outside and get some vitamin D

thanks so much for visiting, i promised it would be long but delightful!


  1. Love it all! Especially those herringbone floors and massive fridge. I think I may need two islands in my kitchen now. It was fun to see the difference in tastes. Although I love all your images, your dream home is much fancier than mine.

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. ooo, I love your dream house - Can I come visit and stay in your guest room, even tho we're only about a mile apart? :) love you! Kitty

  3. I love that blue color on the cabinets with the white dishes. Nice house!

  4. So neat! I especially love the outdoor living areas; perfect place for a glass of wine and a little catch up. Miss you! -Liz

  5. I don't even know where to start! So much eye candy!

  6. Monique! ok, first, this is my first time on your blog! Love it! Second, you have picked some of my absolute favorite pictures from the blogosphere (aka: Apartment therapy, young house love, etc...) I absolutely adore the dining room with the black and white zig zag floors. I pretty much love all of the pictures you have posted...

    We MUST talk decorating when i am in town in May. I can not wait to see you and meet hazel!
    xoxo sweet friend,


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