Thursday, May 6, 2010


i've mentioned before i'm not the most experienced cooker... i'm always looking for more recipes/easy approaches to cooking. not to mention our little budget we are on, i don't want to burn through all of our food on one meal. :/

enter broke ass gourmet, {pardon the language, if it wasn't the name of the blog, it wouldn't be said...and trust me its a great blog so just overlook the name}

now all of their recipes are created within a $20 budget...did you hear that? $20 for meals that serve 4-6 people! they also recommend inexpensive wines, beers and greatness

i mean just look at these pictures....yummy!


  1. I literally just told Carter that I was salivating over that corn! Those pictures all look GOOD.

    Carter sez nom, nom, nom.

  2. oooh glad to know about this website!! thanks! :)


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