Wednesday, April 28, 2010

small, cool

in case you haven't already seen the small, cool 2010, contest going on over at apartment must. as apartment dwellers ourselves, i enjoy seeing what unique things people do in these small, limited spaces.

this one below was one of my favs of them all, but there are many other great ones.

the bedroom is what had me at hello. although i say it once i'll say it again, i love that wicker lamp, but how do people sleep with out a fan? maybe the husband and i are just hot sleepers. anyway, the color is great. middle of the road, a sense of masculine but not too much....and did we notice the doggy beds under that bench?

i don't know if i could "live" in this much blue and black...but i like

here was the other selling point for me...the red cabinets are just perfect for this tiny kitchen
go check out more of the lovely little places here


  1. Those are all winners! How much do I love the green of that first image?

  2. I would love to get rid of our ceiling fan, but now I'm dependent on it. I'd take any of those rooms. I especially like the green!


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