Thursday, April 1, 2010

nests and flowers

when i saw this image on apartment heart skipped a beat...sunlight, white, flowers, lots of color? what more do you need?

i had to see more. so i went to tamar's website Nest Decorating, and found these beauties. how about that light blue slip cover on that chair? all of it is so girly and frilly, with so many patterns. this is white done in away that looks totally livable

this lady does her flowers and i like it

not only is she super great at "nesting" in her own home, she has quite the eye for her creations, especially jewelry. its all unique and darling with that vintage look

check out her etsy shop here

all images found at Nest Decorating

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  1. I will need that living room, or at least the coffee table, window and elephant statue. I'll send you my address ;)


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