Tuesday, December 8, 2009

z gallerie

z gallerie is such a fabulous store...so fabulous i even had us register there fro our wedding! i was a little more concerned with the look of apt than making sure we had all of our china/kitchen stuff...

i was doing some browsing and came across these lamps and had to share. recently shades that can cast some shadow have been inspiring to me. i almost want to poke some holes in our lamp shades now just to have the "shadow effect"

these here lamps could work too though

clay and his dad recently went hunting....now i have very limited experience in the hunting world. i hadn't ever really seen a real gun until i went out to clay's ranch one time.... all that to say he got himself a dear. now i truly am proud of him,{ it was a 9 pt, for any of you who care }
he asked if he could ever have animals hang from our walls.
um, sorry my love, but NO. this is the closest i could come, and even this is pushing if for me

if ever the need to entertain and have some shnazzy napkin rings boy have they got some options for you....here are some of my favs

there is also quite the selection of gifts there for under $25...pretty much a steal when you see things like this case or this mercury glass below

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