Wednesday, December 30, 2009

decorating makeover ideas

or just an ideas list...

i went to the antique mall recently and i take a gander at their magazines just to see if there are any forgotten dominos, harpers bazaar, real simple, or house beautiful....i discovered a February 2008 issue of house beautiful. as always its great but particularly interesting was the 101 decorating makeovers. some are not quite makeovers as much as flat out renovations or at least way too big of a project to tackle but some of them i really enjoyed. here are a few...

-wall paper the inside of your closet

-buy a photography or botanical book, take a razor blade and cut it up...put a dozen or so in matching frames and hang them in a row or a block

-buy flowers for your bedside table not just your living room

-use left over wall paper for lining your drawers of your bedside table

-put a real rug in front of your bathroom sink

-create a collection of something {maybe milk glass? globes? plates?owls?}

-paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets a color that sets off your dishes and glasses {can't do it in our rental but will do it as soon as we own something}

-tack nail heads on a plain ottoman/small furniture

-paint the ceiling

-cover the books in your bookcase with white or brown kraft paper and write the titles on the jackets with fountain pen {if only my handwriting didn't look like a boy' kidding i have to write notes for therapy after each session with my kids. today one of my parents told me "your handwriting is improving, its not quite the chicken scratch as it used to be.."}

-buy all the inexpensive mirrors you find at yard sales, paint all the frames one color and hang them together {this one i really think i may do}

i hope they inspire you

p.s.the Olympics are in 44 days...yea Vancouver 2010!!!

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