Wednesday, December 2, 2009

picture perfect

it was clay's first experience with the williams girls getting together for our family picture. there is always a fight about what to wear, going back and forth b/c someone doesn't like their hair, their smile in that picture, getting annoyed with each other, my mom getting mad b/c she can't see and my dad taking the picture but not the way my mom likes.....oh it goes on....
clay asked,"about how long does it take?"
"hmmm not totally sure...." i replied... i didn't want to tell him the truth cause i was afraid he would not be happy to hear what i had to say. but he was a total trooper and the entertainment as we tried every scene in the house.
and guess what??? we got a perfect one. now i'm sure my sisters will see this and prob not like their posture or something....but i think it turned out just right. they are so pretty aren't they?

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