Monday, December 28, 2009

white christmas and other mentions

for the first time in like 80 odd years we had a white christmas in fort worth! it was incredible. clay woke me up on christmas eve to tell me it was snowing around 9 {yes i was still sleeping} i was so excited b/c it was 70 degrees the day before. never thought it would actually stick...then it kept on snowing and snowing and snowing and this is only a snippet of what happened...

2 things to mention here...
-there is a small little boy alone out there making a snowman
-and just beyond him, near the tennis courts on the sidewalk would be where i bit it walking sophie later

anywho, we spent christmas eve with mi familia and christmas day with his familia..both where such good times. we are so blessed to have our families in the same city. it makes the holidays a little crazy but i love getting to see both families and hug them both.

i unfortunately was, surprise surprise not great with the picture taking, but i had to get a picture of my mom's table setting. she did such a great job, it looked fabulous! it was all gold and red and delicious. my mom is kinda incredible with her eye and taste. she just sees things so well.

blurry blurry but you sorta get the idea. my family is always big on the real christmas trees, and the house smelled pine/christmas.

this is not christmas but another case and point of my mom's eye for beautiful things. she just recently purchased this sofa b/c my dad has been requesting a comfortable place to sit and watch tv for about 15 years....maybe since we lived in this house. she came with me to joanne's and as we were standing in line to purchase some linen i bought, she asked the lady behind us what she was making. the lady said that she was a seamstress for some fancy store and she was making belts??? maybe... besides the point... my mom asked her if she could help her cover some cushions. she said she would love to help. did i mention that this whole conversation took place in spanish. story of my life. my mom can make friends with a wall, and she will be their best friend if that wall listens to her in spanish. so this is what came of it.

my dad loves winter. not for any other reason but that it means he gets to make use of a large fireplace. he is kinda a pyro. i mean that in the most loving sense of the word. it can be 50 degrees and all my mom has to say is that she is a little chilly and there my dad is newspaper burning, setting pine cones on fire. see it not a gas fireplace, gotta start those fires the ol fashion way. just another challenge for daddy-o. in his defense he is taking apart the deck on top of our garage and had to do something with the wood. so that is what we are burning here.

and then there is my parents dog, brazos. she thinks that she is a small lap dog. she is not. i mean do you see her squeezing herself into this chair?

as i said before i did a poor job taking many pictures....i'm working on it though. i have a feeling to some family members annoyance, but i love capturing some of these moments. i only got one picture of the wootens festivities. but don't let that fool you. there was plenty of laughing, b.s.-ing, cranium singing/drawing/yelling, oh helling {all games mind you} and present opening. so i leave you with some beautifully, made from scratch, delicious, eye candy and tummy candy cookies..decorated by the one and only, you guessed..beth

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