Sunday, December 20, 2009

have you seen? have you heard?

Tavi Gevinson?

she is a phenomenal 13 year old fashionista blogger. she has more knowledge about fashion that anyone could ever imagine. she writes with such wit and charisma. she uses a tripod to take pictures of herself. she is helping launch Rodarte's new line for target. she recently attended fashion week. she went to Tokyo to meet with designers. did i mention she was 13!?!?

{were all of these pictures are from!}

she creates inspiration boards, she thrifts clothes, and all after school before she does her home work.

her words to describe some of the clothes she wears are so poetic and real. have i said that she was 13? i actually was going through her blog and she was writing about how in school she is learning to correctly use a semi colon. so she was excited to use it in her blog {for the record, i don't know if i know how to correctly use a semi colon, or spell that for that matter}

some of her inspiration boards

pictures from her blog from her trip to Tokyo

a shirt she designed that is so perfectly her. i want it

i love these pictures, i feel like she almost looks her age here, of course still way cooler.
p.s. when i was 13 i think i still had bangs that took up half my head and just wore whatever was at limited too. if i was writing it probably was more about a boy i liked or about my day at nothing interesting
you can read more about her and some of her endeavors here

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