Sunday, November 22, 2009

riverhills home

my sweet mother in law took my sister in law and i to tour this beautiful home that has been showing here in f dub. its in this beautiful new neighborhood called riverhills. it was built by period homes and the decorator was joe minton. you can find all the details here

my sister law, beth, talked about it the other day in her blog if you want an excuse to check her out.

i must warn you now i got over excited about this tour and took many pictures. so this is going to be very very long....but totally worth it....

i also may have skipped the first living area so there are no pictures of those but here we are in the kitchen with this beautiful slate backspash.

and now we turn left into the dining room. i wish i could say i had a favorite but i would become redundant...there is too much to like. the wall paper in this room is painted. the ceiling is a shimmery silver. g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s

i typically enjoy a good farm table but this is the perfect round table for this dining area. and i've never seen short slip covers like this and i think they are so nice.

this was one of the many incredible light fixtures. i wish i would have gotten a closer more detailed picture of this. there were so many to notice. the leaves on the branches were small jade beads strung together. and a little bird there above the lights, you can barely see it

now here is the farm table that i thought was beautiful. the light fixture from above is hanging over this table. it is the breakfast area. the chairs in every room/living area was so pretty and looked so comfortable. that was my favorite aspect of this home was that it looked entirely live able. not museum like or cold,but warm and like a family friendly.

this tile in the laundry room was so unique. its yellow and happy. so was the back splash. i could do laundry all day in this room.

and again i failed in my picture taking. these pictures were all hanging in the powder room. and i didn't get a full view of it, just these pics and one corner of it. does not do this justice.

this was the corner shot i got. the walls were a black gloss color. most of the paints were ralph lauren and there were awesome. if you can tell in this picture there is some slight details in the borders of this. its a small thin cream and grey ribbon. would have never thought of it!

this was in the back, the lady's study area. it had wall paper and this pretty little chair.

and these message boards looked so pretty just resting on the desk.

now this is in the guest wing and up the stairs {were i failed to get pictures of as well} this was right outside the door. again no justice in these pictures. the whole place kinda reminded me of my mom. she loves chairs...chairs and plates. there were so many perfect chairs all through out.

the guest quarters. the room was light and airy. the zebra print on the sheets were mimicked on the walls with stencils. talk about patience stenciling all of that up and down the walls of the bedroom and bathroom...w.o.w.

here is the bed. paisley with zebra print. the roof of the home were at an angle. instead of letting that feel closed in or limiting....they brought the canopy up to the slant of the roof.

and the bathroom...

now we are downstairs and outside on the patio. the linen curtains were a soft and lovely touch.

my favorite patio furniture

back inside. this room leads to the outside but it looks like they brought the outside in. tiled mirrors on the wall and a sunburst mirror if it was needed but i approve

seating area in the master bedroom.

beautiful master bed, silk sheets...a t-shirt is not worthy of these sheets

these were the curtains in the room. there 2 rods to hold up the thin see through and then another to hold up the silk

the curtains were a type of silk with a linen border

i took this picture to try to capture the glossy/metallic paint on these doors to the closet. not sure of you can tell...but you get the idea

master bath

bathtub with the orchid hanging over the tub. all of it made it so inviting....i could just climb in and and lock the world out

cabinets above the toilet

i know i think its weird too that i took a picture of the toilet. but i thought it was so pretty and square.

the study/ nice and dark and cozy....again the ceiling was incredible and i didn't get a picture of it

amazing chandelier that hung on the other wing of the house leading up to the "children's" area, if that is what you want to call it.

a boys' room. there was fabric on the walls. i don't know why but as much a can appreciate the girly, antique look... i feel like this boyish rooms with their maps and their felt so warm and homey.

this is what i believe to be the children's reading area

and this was the children's play area. it was open, yellow, and lots of light.

and now my future daughter's room. welcome. this is her favorite place to play and have people over. there is plenty of room for dress up and tea parties. she thinks she is a princess with that canopy hanging over her...reality will be a shock....

this is where she lays and reads. see those pillows, the kinda green ones. the green is a pretty pattern of leather.
the house was such a great experience to see. it was honestly a little much attention to detail and sooooooooooo many details. but i loved it all...if you get the chance i reccommend you to go and check it out. it will be showing until december.
do. it. do. it. do. it.

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  1. A great post, Monique! I had so much fun with you and Beth yesterday -- and I am still thinking about all we saw! love you! (and I can't wait to someday help you with that daughter's room :) )


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