Wednesday, November 18, 2009


my dear friend robbie jane has invited clay and i to join her and her family to attend the jewel charity ball. i am so pumped!!! it is always so fun to get all dressed up, and i feel like i haven't had a formal event since college. (i don't know if i consider our wedding formal, and there is no stress with this anyway) so here is the deal, its a "ball," i.e. long dresses. i don't like any of the long dresses i have or really want to wear them. so i started to look online and get some ideas.....

i love this color of blue by a.b.s. i am not particularly crazy about long dresses cause i feel like it makes me look even shorter....BUT maybe with a color like this it would go unnoticed.

this dress by nicole miller is gorgeous. although i can't tell in the picture if its ankle length, and that for sure won't fly for me. a little to pilgrim/Amish for me. but i love that top.
and finally a dress with believe or not a bow. i love bows. i can't control myself they are always just the perfect little {or big} touch.
so if you have any suggestions/wouldn't me borrowing one please let me know!

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