Tuesday, November 24, 2009

just looking

i reluctantly have to admit i have only been to ikea once. and i did not purchase anything. since i have known of the store i knew we would be fast friends, but unfortunately there in not one that is close by to fort worth. so when clay and i were driving back from austin last year that was my first time to ever go into one. it was love.

as much as i love our little apt, there is little need to purchase other things. i mean there is always "more" but realistically there is enough. nonetheless a girl can dream right? so i looked online and here is what i found.....

this great sheepskin thing. its not the size of a rug, but it could go on a chair or thrown over the couch. i have a feeling if we had such a thing i would move it around many a time. until sophie found it and decided it was a friend who wanted to play and rough it up a bit.

this one is green and white and think it would look fantastic under my black desk.

a perfect square doormat. it kinda reminds me of those chemistry drawings. {know what i mean lizzie?} only in a pretty geometric homey way.

i think if i could i would put this in our living area. it has all of our colors. it has just the touch of red that i enjoy. not too much but just enough color.

i love anything that is black and white. if it wouldn't be so dramatic/limiting i think i would do this to an entire room. the thing is all i can think about is how great a blue, or a red, or even an orange something would look on top of it.

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