Wednesday, November 18, 2009


this last weekend we went to oklahoma to visit some friends. now besides lots of red mud, over the last few years of visiting oklahoma {many of my roomies in college were from ok and besties from high school went to school there, and now so does my sister! many excuses to visit} there are lots a reasons of why i like oklahoma.

~really cute boutiques
~great antique stores
~excellent food
~wonderful friends

unfortunately i only took pictures of that last one and i even missed a few of those too. {i love to take pictures but i always forget too, quite the dilemma}

as i was saying, our wonderful friends are such a treat to see. lizzie, a college roomie, is in something called med school and it tends to take over much of her time. its a rarity that she is not doing something to further her knowledge. i know you have to be pretty smart to get into med school, not to mention study during college ...but if you know lizzie at all she pretty much takes the cake! she is sort of a this is not just a nice thing to say about my friend, es la verdad. she is kicking med school in the butt and taking names...she is listening to lectures ALL the time. you would be lucky to have her one day be your doctor...just you wait...she'll be performing some miracles too. ;)

anyhow all of that to say we happen to find a weekend, her birthday weekend, that we could all play and that is exactly what we did!

and now i also have to humble myself, b/c i am pretty competitive and consider myself a pretty good bowler...well i had it handed to me by this girl. and i still like her, that has to say something!
her husband tim, was our bartender for the night and although i had taken some pictures of that, you may have to thank tim for none of those turning out well....sorry tim

we had an absolute blast! clay and time played 36 holes of golf and lizzie and i pretty much stayed in comfys the whole time, eating peanut butter bars, drinking wine, talking, and shopping. i could not have asked for a more perfect weekend!
and sophie well she was just beside herself with her new friend that weekend. she didn't stop for a minute and slept in my lap the whole 4 hour car ride home.

sophie and lily= besties

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  1. It sounds like a fun weekend. So glad you two had a great getaway!


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