Thursday, November 12, 2009

if you saw her what would you call her?

a newfie? a lab? an australian shepard? a bernese mountain dog? well she is some of these things and none of them. its what you get for saving a puppy from the pound. she wasn't in her cage for a minute when we saw her. that was it for me. she was so sweet and spunky when we played with her.
believe it or not there was another woman standing behind us ready to take her home. she came in wanting a puppy and saw this one. she was waiting for us to put her back so she could get her. not gonna lie those, we will call them motherly instincts, set in and i wouldn't let clay put this puppy back. besides, i was trying to convince him, with the help of one of the other ladies there, that maybe, just maybe she had some newfoundland in her?
for the first few months she grew so fast and looked pretty promising that she could be the dog of clay's dreams, big and boisterous. but then it stopped. yup just stopped. she hasn't grown since she was about 5 months old and here we are about a year later not a lot of change.
but if you are up for it she will jump and chase you/herd you where she wants you. or if you just want to lay down and watch tv {or in our case netflix} well then she will just curl up by your knees and watch it with you. in our humble abode we think she is a pretty size able dog, or let me restate that, i think she is. we like to call her sophie and just overlook all the things she probably is not.

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  1. We love her, too! Hope you're doing well. You look so cute in your Marc Broussard (sp?) concert pic. :)


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